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Conditionneurs de signaux

Convertissez une vaste gamme de signaux d'entrée en signaux de sortie standards. Créez des syst...
5 produits
Convertisseurs de signaux à montage dans tête de connexion
Head mount signal conditioners are designed to mount in industrial protection heads for use with thermowells. The sensors are small sized and offered in a variety of input and transmission options.
Conditionneurs de signal à montage rail DIN
Omega offers a wide variety of DIN Rail mounted signal conditioners. Choose based on input type or based on sensor type and output voltage. We have hundreds of options to choose from!
Transmetteurs de température et d'humidité
Omega offers a large selection of Temperature and Humidity transmitters that provide remote and on-site monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.
Transmetteurs programmables universels
Omega offers a large selection of programmable universal transmitters that accept universal inputs including mA and Vdc process signals and all commonly used temperature signal types.
Conditionneurs de signaux spécialisés
Quality Signal conditioners for special and unique applications.
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