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Transmetteurs sans fil

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Monnit Alta Wireless Open / Closed Detection Sensors

ALTA wireless open/closed sensors provide information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, or if an area is being accessed when it should not be.

XW-ED Omega Link Smart Probe & Counter/Digital Wireless Transmitter

The XW-ED is a rugged wireless transmitter which connects to any Layer-N Smart Probe and transmits to a ZW-REC receiver. Optional outputs enable local control or alarms

Monnit Alta Wireless Temperature Sensors

The ALTA wireless temperature sensors use different sensors to accurately measure temperatures and are perfect for monitoring ambient temperatures

Emetteur-récepteur thermocouple sans fil

The Omega UW Series Wireless thermocouple/RTD transmitters are compatible with a wide range of receivers to suit your application

Transmetteur de temp�rature/humidit� relative sans fil{wireless}{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}

The Omega UW Series Wireless Temperature & Humidity transmitters are available in handheld and NEMA models. Choose from a wide range of receivers to suit your application

Monnit Alta Wireless Ultrasonic Level / Distance Sensors

ALTA ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of applications for measuring distances between the sensor and objects in its path or as a level sensor

Monnit Alta Wireless Process Signal Meters

ALTA Industrial wireless volts & current meters can measure the process signal off another device or sensor. Click here to learn more.

Capteur intelligent sans fil pour surveillance en ligne

The ZW-ED is a rugged wireless transmitter that can be used with a wide selection Temperature, Humidity & Pressure probes to transmit data to a ZW-REC wireless receiver

Miniature Portable Wireless Thermocouple Sensor and Data Logger

The OMEGA MWTC line of Miniature Thermocouple Data loggers accept standard miniature TC probes and can wirelessly transmit data to a PC and store up to 65400 samples locally

Monnit Alta Wireless Differential Air Pressure Sensors

The ALTA wireless differential pressure sensor measures the pressure difference between two input ports and transmits the measurement to iMonnit

Monnit Alta Wireless Accelerometer - Vibration Meters

ALTA wireless acceleration monitoring equipment use an accelerometer to measure g-force on 3 axes and determines speed and frequency from this measurement

Monnit Alta Wireless 20 and 150 Amp AC Current Meters

ALTA wireless AC Current Meters measure the RMS current of an alternating current (AC) system using a current transformer. Click here to learn more.

UW Series Wireless NEMA 4X Dual Thermocouple Transmitter

The Omega UW Series Wireless NEMA 4X rated thermocouple transmitters accept 2 TC inputs and are compatible with a wide range of receivers to suit your application

Monnit Alta Wireless 50 and 300 PSIG Pressure Meters

ALTA wireless pressure meters measure pressure and transmit the pressure measurement to iMonnit to monitor a pressurized gas, liquid or vapor supply line

Wireless Meat Thermometer with Data Logging

The OM-CP-RFOT-A wireless thermometer/data logger is wash-down capable and designed for the meat processing industry. NIST Traceable Calibration certificate included.

Monnit Alta Wireless Water Detection Sensors

The ALTA wireless water sensors alert you via SMS text and/or email when there is water detected, preventing property damage that results from leaks

Alta Long Range Wireless IIoT Humidity Sensors

The ALTA wireless humidity sensors allow you to monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure. Click here to learn more.

ZW-CM Compact wall mounted environmental sensors| Omega

The ZW-CM is a simple, compact, wall mounted environmental Sensor which transmits local Temperature, Humidity & Pressure to a ZW-REC wireless receiver.

XW-EDA Universal Process and Temperature Wireless Transmitter

The XW-EDA is a rugged universal process and temperature wireless transmitter. Supports 1 RTD or 2 TC, 4-20mA or 10V inputs with optional outputs for local control & alarms

Transmetteur Sans Fil Pour RTD avec Boîtier Résistant Aux Intempéries

The Omega UW Series Wireless RTD transmitters are NEMA rated and compatible with any 3 Wire PT100 probe. Compatible with a wide range of Omega receivers.

Transmetteurs sans fil

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