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Étalons de température

This temperature calibrators offering is a complete selection of everything needed to calibrate...
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Étalons à bloc sec et bains
These units are used to calibrate sensors such as thermistors, thermocouples and RTD's. Different temperature ranges, accuracies and stabilities to cover most sensor specifications.
Étalon portatifs
These handheld calibrators are perfect for calibrating thermocouples and RTD's in cases where the sensors are fixed or need to be calibrated on the spot. Locations such as factory floor or in the lab.
Étalon de point de congélation
These ice point calibrators are designed to accurately calibrate probes at the freezing point of water. These devices have multiple thermowells to calibrate multiple sensors simultaneously.
Source d'étalonnage à corps noir
Omega offers a diverse portfolio of blackbody calibrators used to calibrate infrared pyrometers. Blackbody calibrators use a high emissivity target plate or target cavity to minimize error.
Testeurs de point de fusion
These melting point testers are designed to accurately test the melting point of medium used in thermometers, for educational purposes, for quality control, automated process and more.
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