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Sondes de température

Used for immersion temperature measurement in liquids, air, gas, or wells in solid material, Om...
9 produits
Commutateurs de température
Contrôleurs et interrupteurs de température simples et économiques.
Sondes avec bride pour utilisation sous vide
Used in vacuum chambers, vacuum ovens, or any other process equipment that utilizes a KF style flange connection. These thermocouples come with an integrated extension cable or M12 connector.
Sondes avec câble
Used when the probe is installed some distance from the logger, controller, or other data acquisition device. Available in a variety of lead wire types with stripped leads or connectors attached.
Sondes multipoints
Consist of several temperature sensing points inside one probe. Used to profile the temperature at various points along a single axis. Great for measuring the temperature distribution in tanks.
Sondes hygiéniques
Used in the food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, these hygienic/sanitary probes carry 3-A certification, which is required in these sanitary, wash down, & clean-in-place applications.
Sondes avec connecteur intégré
Used when quick and easy removal and installation are important requirements at the measuring device. Available in quick-connect, terminal block, m8, m12, and other popular connector styles.
Capteurs de température d'air
Used specifically to measure the temperature of air and gases. The housings are designed for optimal accuracy and response time, while still maintaining protection from the environment.
Sondes portables
Used for manual inspection, maintenance, and other ad-hoc temperature measurements, these probes come in a variety of handle designs to meet your different ergonomic preferences and application needs.
Sondes avec têtes de raccordement
Used in industrial applications for process temperature measurement, these probes come in a variety of protection head styles for easy connection wiring to your extension cable
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