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Thermomètres de temperature, humidité/point de rosée

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8 Channel Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer/Data Logger

The portable OM-HL-EH-TC logger is a high-speed, eight-channel handheld thermometer/data logger with a large LCD display, that supports all 8 types of thermocouple inputs.

Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Meter w/Optional Data Logger

The THDP-10 Series is a Handheld Digital Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point Meter with Min/Max, Data Storage, and Data Hold Features. On Line Data Logging with DL Model

1 & 2 Channel High Accuracy 0.1% Type K Thermocouple Meter

1 and 2 channel options with K type thermocouple inputs for measuring -200°C to 1,372°C, ±0.3°C accuracy and 0.1 resolution. Easy to read 4.5" LCD display.

1 & 2 Channel 0.04% Accuracy 4 Thermocouple Types Meter

1 and 2 channel options with K, J, T and E thermocouple types meter. High 0.04% of reading accuracy, NIST traceable and 2,000 hour battery life.

1 & 2 Channel K & J Thermocouple Types Temperature Meter

1 and 2 channel options with K and J type thermocouple inputs with data storage capability and large LCD display. 0.1 resolution and 120 record datalogging capability.

Four-Channel J,KT,E Thermocouple Data Logger with USB

The HH520 is a 4 channel handheld data logger/thermometer that accepts Types J, K, T and E thermocouples. LCD display, USB interface and stores up to 16K records per channel.

1 Channel Mini K Type Thermocouple Meter

K type thermocouple meter measuring from -100°C to 850°C with ±0.3% of reading accuracy. Measurement interval at 1.5 seconds and 3 AAA batteries for 300 hours of use.

Indicateurs portables de température et humidité. Port USB et logiciel Windows en option{USB}{WINXP}{VISTA}

The RH820 Series handheld humidity and temperature meters are available with USB or wireless connectivity. Cable is included w/USB version, receiver w/ the wireless version

Enregistreur de Température à 4 Canaux avec USB et RS232 {RS232}{USB}

The HH309A is a small 4-input Type-K thermocouple data logger with LCD Display. Stores up to 16,000 records per channel. USB and RS-232 interface with Windows Software.

Ultra-High Accuracy and Resolution Digital Thermistor Thermometer

Ultra-High Accuracy and Resolution Digital Thermistor Thermometer

4 Channel K Type Thermocouple Meter NIST Traceable

4 channel K type thermocouple thermometer with 4 readings display measures from -58°C to 1,999°C at ±0.3% of reading accuracy. 3.5" display and 9V battery powered.

RTD Thermometers, Models 868F and 869F

1 Channel 3 & 4 Wire PT100 RTD Temperature Meter connected with TA4F connector. Temperature range -100°C to 199.9°C and ±0.3°C accuracy.

Handheld Temperature /Humidity Meter w/USB 32K pt. Data Logger

The HH414 is a high performance temperature and humidity meter with real time data logging capability. It offers an LCD display to show the temperature, humidity, time & date

Handheld Temperature/Humidity Meter with SD Card Data Logger

The RHXL5SD is a low cost, high performance temperature and humidity meter with data logging capability. Features LCD to display temperature, humidity, time & date.

1 Channel S Type Thermocouple High Temperature NEMA-4X Meter

1 channel S type thermocouple temperature range 0°C to 1,767°C meter with ±0.1% of reading accuracy and 0.1 resolution. NEMA-4X water, splash and dust resistant.

1 Channel High Accuracy 0.1% Type K, J, T Thermocouple Meter

K, J and T single input thermocouple meter with large LCD screen measuring from -200°C to 1,372°C, ±0.1°C accuracy and 0.1 resolution.

1 Channel 0.25% Accuracy 7 Type Thermocouple Meter

1 Channel K, J, T, E, R, S, N thermocouple meter with ±0.25% of reading accuracy. Water and shock resistant. Long battery life with 9V battery.

Portable Thermometer Thermocouple Data Loggers with SD Card

The Handheld RDXL-SD Series are portable thermometer/data loggers with backlight display and built-in analysis functions. Supports most standard thermocouple and RTD types.

Handheld Psychrometer with Enthalpy Measurement

Handheld psychrometer measures any ambient temp, relative humidity, dew point, wet bulb temps, and enthalpy of vaporization. Ideal for maintaining a facility's environment.

Thermomètres de temperature, humidité/point de rosée

Omega offers a wide selection of multi-variable handheld temperature, humidity, dew point, and moisture meters. For data analysis choose a meter with data logging capability.
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