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Contrôleurs d'humidité

2 produits
Régulateur d'Humidité Relative Marche/Arrêt

RHCN-7000 Series programable on/off controller provides for humidity feature relay and transmitter output signals for managing/monitoring humidity.

Relative Humidity Controller for Enclosures

The MFR012 designed to control humidity inside of enclosures, ideal for Public displays, Telecom Systems, Ticket Dispensers, ATM's, Parking Access Systems

Contrôleurs d'humidité

Humidity and Moisture Controllers play a vital role in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. From controlling the environment of a chemical lab to maintaining the air quality of a storage facility, humidity and moisture controllers regulate the climate and keep it within the specified range.

Omega Engineering’s relative humidity and moisture controllers, designed to control humidity inside of an enclosure, are available with integral or remote humidity sensors and can be wall or panel mounted. Our controllers are designed to provide reliable performance with accurate readings. Our programmable relative humidity ON/OFF controllers provide easy to use relay and transmitter outputs for managing and monitoring humidity levels.
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