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Capteurs et �metteurs industriels sans fil

ZR011 Series Compact Design Dual Thermostat with DIN Rail Mounting offer two thermostats in one unit for heating and cooling applications each with wide adjustable range

Small Compact Design Thermostat

KT011 Series Small Compact Design Thermostats with DIN Rail Mounting offer a broad temperature range for heating and cooling applications and include color coded setting dial

In-Line Fixed Temperature Thermostats

FGT Series In-Line Fixed Temperature Thermostats are available in 100 to 250 Vac or low voltage models and offer snap or creep action with cable ties for mounting.

Fixed Setpoint Tamperproof Thermostats

FT011 and FTD011 Series Fixed Setpoint Tamperproof Thermostats offer a compact DIN rail design and are color coded for heating and cooling with both single and dual models.


Thermostats are vital components in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. Omega Engineering provides a variety of thermostats that offer a broad temperature range for both heating and cooling, as well as a number of mounting options. Compact and lightweight designs provide a simple solution for controlling temperature. Our digital heat trace controllers and thermostats are designed for heat trace applications, such as freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of pipes. Fixed setpoint tamperproof thermostats provide a secure option for maintaining temperatures in critical applications.
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