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Indicateurs de température

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Indicateur de température avec alarme ou commande marche/arrêt et avertisseur sonore

The DP7000 Series temperature meters offer a wide temperature range, 2 selectable alarm settings, and an internal buzzer that indicates alarm condition or error.

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1/8 DIN Thermocouple Panel Meter with Large Color Display

The OMEGA DP25B series Digital Panel Meters feature the biggest brightest display of any 1/8 DIN panel meter. The user can select the display color: RED, AMBER, or GREEN.

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Self-Powered Analog Pyrometers  with Phenolic Fronts for Temperature Measurement

Anlg. Pyrometer OMEGA ® 7000 Series have thermocouple ranges calibrated for 10 ohm ext. res. & sup. with adjustable 10 ohm res. for use with thermocouples of lower resistance.

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Indicateurs de température

Omega offers a large selection of Temperature Meters that accept a wide variety of input signals including thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor.
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