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Geartooth Pickup Speed Sensor

This compact, rugged series uses an integrated hall-effect sensor to directly sense rotating ferrous gear and other similar gear-type targets over a wide range of airgaps

Speed Sensor for Direct Motor Shaft Mount

This sensor series mounts directly to an AC or DC motor shaft to monitor speed and direction with a square wave output. NEMA 3R models are also suitable for outdoor use.

Digital 4-in-1 Tachometer System

This series is an entire digital system that functions as four devices in one - a tachometer, counter, totalizer, and zero speed switch. It also includes an alarm relay output.

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Speed Sensors are used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. They are used widely in motors, conveyor belts, gearboxes, pumps and other machinery. By accurately measuring speed and direction, speed sensors help to prevent dangerous and costly downtime due to machinery malfunction.

Omega Engineering offers speed sensors for both indoor and outdoor environments with options featuring kits for motors, gear-tooth pick-up, tachometers, and stroboscopes. Our speed sensors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, low voltage, and a variety of mechanical and electrical conditions. The range includes direct motor shaft mount, gear-tooth pick-up, and digital 4-in-1 tachometers.
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