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Relais programmables

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Universal Remote I/O Modules for PLCs - Optical Isolation

HE359 series are universal remote I/O modules for PLCs with 2-wire RS485 MODBUS. It has 31 I/O Modules and can be daisy-chained via RS485. DIN mount with RTD & TC inputs.

Pressure Switch Accessories

TD-Series time Delay Relays eliminate false pressure transients from hi Alarm sounding (Model TD-69). TD-73 prevents furnaces/compressors from quick restarts.

Relais programmables

Programmable relays are an essential piece of automation equipment used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These devices provide power and control signals to electronic and electrical equipment.

Omega Engineering offers a wide selection of programmable relays – from universal remote I/O modules to pressure switch accessories. Our relays are designed to provide reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for a range of applications. We offer products with optical isolation, time delay relays, false pressure transient eliminators, and configurable limit alarms.
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