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Enregistreurs de pression, de contrainte et de chocs

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Pressure Data Logger with LCD Display

The OM-CP-PR2000 series are battery powered Pressure Data Loggers and recorders with a Large LCD display. Non-volatile logging capacity of 262,143 readings.

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Compact USB Bridge/Strain Gage Data Logger with Large Storage

OM-CP-BRIDGE101A series are battery-powered, data loggers with 1M measurement storage that record voltage signals from strain gages, load cells and other low level dc sources.

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Environmental and Tri-Axial Shock Data Loggers

The OM-CP-SHOCK Series are 3-axis shock / acceleration data loggers designed for documenting dynamic environments such as moving vehicles, trucks, containers, ships.

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Centrales de mesure d'humidité, température, pression ambiantes et de choc/vibration triaxiale

Humidity, Temperature, Pressure and Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger Part of the NOMAD® Family

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Centrales de mesure submersibles de température et de pression

The OM-CP-PRTEMP1000 series submersible data loggers accurately record pressures from 0 to 500 psia and temperatures from -40 to 80°C. 16,383 measurements per channel.

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Intrinsically Safe Rugged Pressure and Temperature Recorder

The OM-CP-PRTEMP1000IS is a certified, intrinsically safe, pressure recorder that accurately monitors and records pressure and temperature at user programmable intervals.

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3-Axis USB Vibration/Acceleration Data Logger

The OM-VIB-101 is ideal for assessing the health and diagnosing performance problems of rotating machinery. Three Accelerometers for precise measurements on X, Y and Z Axes.

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Submersible Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers

The OM-PR Series pressure/temperature data loggers are battery powered stand alone water tight compact data loggers that record up to 64,000 readings. Click for more info.

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Submersible Pressure Data Logger for High Temperature

The OM-CP-PR140 is a pressure data logger for use in autoclave validation and mapping. It can withstand temperatures up to 140°C (284°F) and is completely submersible (IP68).

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Spectral Vibration Data Logger, Part of the NOMAD® Family

The OM-CP-SVR101 is a stand-alone data logger engineered to record 3-Axis accelerations for spectral analysis of vibration and peaks. Click here to learn more.

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Enregistreurs de pression, de contrainte et de chocs

Dataloggers for pressure, bridge input for strain or load measurement and also tri-axial shock dataloggers with built in accelerometers.
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