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Modules d'entrée/sortie à semi-conducteurs

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Compteur, Totalisateur Enregistreur d'Evénements {USB}{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}

The OM-CP-PULSE101A recording device that senses and records pulses or contact closures from external sources such as transducers, gas, water, and electric meters.

Event Data Logger

OM-CP-EVENT101A offers a 10 year battery life, 4 Hz reading rate, start/stop functions, high speed download capability, and secure time and date stamped non-volatile storage.

State Data Logger, Part of the NOMAD® Family

The OM-CP-STATE101A senses and records input transitions or contact closures from external sources such as transducers and/or state initiators. Click here to learn more.

Counter, Event and State Data Logger with USB Interface

The OM-EL-USB-5 standalone data logger records and counts events and state changes Up to 32,510 events, state changes or timed intervals can be recorded.

Modules d'entrée/sortie à semi-conducteurs

State, Event, and Pulse Data Loggers are essential tools for many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These devices are used to monitor and record inputs, events, and closures from transducers, gas, water, and electric meters.

Omega Engineering offers a wide range of reliable and accurate state, event, and pulse data loggers. These data loggers can record rates from pulse output transducers, on/off or open close state changes, or events. With features like extended battery life, high speed downloads, and secure non-volatile storage, these data loggers are a great choice for any industrial or laboratory application.
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