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Conditionneurs de signaux spécialisés

15 produits
Strain Amplifier/Conditioner for Bridge, Load Cell, Transducers

The DMD-460 Series bridge amplifiers/conditioners are AC or DC powered signal conditioning modules for strain gages, load cells and bridge-type sensors with V or mA output.

Low Level Amplifier

The FLSC-AMP is a low speed amplifier to 15kHz operation. 100mA current sinking output. 11-26Vdc power supply range. Metal mount housing and screw terminal hookup.

Inline Temperature Transmitter for PT100 RTDs

Water resistant with M12 connections for the sensor and signal, this transmitter includes a user programmable 4-20 milliamp output.

Conditionneurs de signaux modulaires jusqu'à 10kHz

The OM5 Series are modular conditioners that allow multiple modules to connect to a backplane with process outputs. TC, DC I/V, RTD, Frequency, Potentiometer, Strain gage

Conditionneurs de signaux modulaires

OM5 Series modular conditioners allow multiple modules to connect to a backplane with process outputs. TC, DC I/V, RTD, Bipolar voltage input. Single DC power supply

Connecteur-Transmetteur™ pour thermocouples et sondes Pt100

The SPRTX-STCTX Series are connector transmitters for RTD's and thermocouples. The connector design converts directly to 4-20mA output. Provides open sensor indication.

USB In-Line Field Calibratable Signal Conditioner

The IN-USBH conditioner adds digital USB output to mV/V pressure or load transducers. Free PC software for use as virtual meter, chart recorder, and datalogger.

Isolated Strain Amplifier/Conditioner for Bridge-type Inputs

The DMD-460 Series bridge amplifiers/conditioners are AC or DC powered conditioning modules for bridge-type sensors with V or mA output with high isolation voltage.

Amplificateur pour thermocouple

The OMNI-AMP IV Series thermocouple amplifiers are 100% encapsulated, available in up or downscale TC burnout, 115 Vac power, input protection to 115 Vac or Vdc.

Wheatstone Bridge In-Line Amplifier w/ Field Selectable I/O

The IN-UVI is a wheatstone bridge in line amplifier with field selectable mV/V inputs and process output. IP65 stainless steel enclosure. Low thermal drift.

Signal Conditioning Amplifier and Power Supply for AC LVDT's

The LDX-4 LVDT signal conditioner is DC powered with multiple process output options. Adjustable zero and span, high accuracy. Tim pot programmed

High Performance Flow Signal Conditioners

FLSC-45B is frequency input 20mV p-p min and process current or voltage output. High accuracy (±0.15%). Die cast Al housing with NEMA-4 (IP65) rating.

LVDT Signal Conditioner, Loop Powered for AC LVDT

The LDX-2 is a LVDT signal conditioner is input loop powered with wide input range of 30-530 mV/V and process output. IP65 sealed, high accuracy (0.02%)

Summing Box/Transmitter, 4-20 mA and 0-10 Vdc Outputs

The JBOX-4800 is a strain gage bridge signal conditioner with process outputs. High gain, low drift, wide input range, 80% tare offset, NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure.

M12 Transmitter with Integrated Cable for pt100 RTD sensors

M12 temperature connector transmitters for pt100 RTD sensors that are loop powered with a 4 to 20 mA output. Ideal for Sanitary applications.

Conditionneurs de signaux spécialisés

Specialty Conditioners are essential components for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. From controlling temperature to monitoring strain and vibrations, Specialty Conditioners are essential for ensuring accuracy and safety.

Omega Engineering offers a variety of Specialty Conditioners, including Universal Temperature Connector Transmitters, LVDT Signal Conditioners, Wheatstone Bridge In-Line Amplifiers, Low Speed Amplifiers, USB In-Line Field Calibratable Signal Conditioners, Strain Amplifier/Conditioners, and Inline Temperature Transmitters. All of our conditioners can be used to provide accurate and reliable measurements in a variety of settings. In laboratories, our Vibro Ethernet Bridges and Vibro 12 Channel Relay Modules can be used for data transfer and control. Our Modular Signal Conditioner Data Acquisition Systems are ideal for collecting data from sensors and transducers.
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