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Débitmètres électromagnétiques

15 produits
Battery or DC Powered Magmeter with Pulse & Optional 4-20mA Output

The FMG470 Series is the most economical flanged electromagnetic flowmeter on the market. With electrodes designed to discourage fouling, it is available in 2" to 12" flange sizes.

OEM Lightweight and Compact Design Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG90B Series electro-magnetic flow sensor for conductive liquid media was developed for OEM applications and does not contain any moving parts.

Battery or DC Powered Plastic Body Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG800 Series is a full-bore, plastic-bodied electromagnetic flow meter designed for flow and usage monitoring applications in 1, 2 and 3 inch pipe.

Picomag Magnetic Flow Meter w/Temperature & Conductivity Sensor

Picomag. The compact alternative to a mechanical flowmeter. No moving parts, simple to install, maintenance free, high performance.

Magmeter with Integrated Display, Pulse & 4-20mA Output

The FMG480 Series is used in municipal or industrial water, waste and reclaimed water, pump stations, and packaged plant applications.

Magmeter w/Remote Display and Pulse & Optional 4-20mA Output

The FMG490 Series has a remote display that can be mounted up to 200 FT from the flow meter. With electrodes designed to discourage fouling, it is available in 3" to 12" sizes.

Tri-Clamp or ANSI Flanged Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The FMG600 Series electromagnetic flow meters are designed for measurement of conductive liquids. The FMG600 magmeters have no moving parts and a PTFE lining.

Débitmètre Magnétique À Sonde D'Insertion

The FMG3000 Series magmeters are insertion-style magnetic flow sensors with no moving parts. All models are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials.

Adjustable Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The complete lack of moving parts of this insertion flow sensor is the source of its reliability. Brass and stainless steel models withstand a variety of conditions.

Replaced by FMG470 Series.

The FMG2000 Series has been discontinued and replaced by the FMG470 Series

Pulse or Current Output Low Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG70B Series from OMEGA is a trio of extremely compact, low cost, inductive magnetic flow sensors. The output signal frequency (or current) is proportional to the flow.

Hot-Tap Metal Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG-550 Series Magmeters are heavy-duty, high-performance sensors in an adjustable, insertion configuration that can be used with a ball valve for hot-tap installations.

Fixed Depth Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG980 is highly suitable for difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows, such as air-driven diaphragm pumps.

1/4" to 3/4" Pipe/Tube, Low Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG80A Series magmeter is designed for low-flow chemical injection or difficult-to-meter applications with pulsating metering pumps in ¼" to ¾" pipe/tube.

Débitmètres électromagnétiques

Instruments précis de mesure de débit sans pièces mobiles. La conception industrielle permet l'utilisation pour tous les matériaux.
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