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Digital Pressure Gauge with Min/Max Readings & NEMA 4X Case

The DPG3500 series logs min/max readings and has a durable NEMA 4X housing. They are battery powered with a ±0.25% accuracy in vacuum, gauge, and absolute pressure units.

Metric, Differential, High Accuracy, Digital Pressure Gauge with Output

The DPGM409DIFF series have metric fittings and ranges, a current or voltage output signal with a wireless option and are user-configurable with a ±0.08% accuracy.

DH DIGIHELIC® Differential Pressure Controller

Differential Pressure Controller, featuring NEMA 4 (IP66) housing for outdoor mounting, rooftop air handlers or clean room applications

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Digital pressure gauges are an essential tool for many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These devices provide fast results with clear readability and very high accuracy.

Omega Engineering is a leading manufacturer of digital pressure gauges, offering a variety of products that are designed to meet a wide range of specific needs. Our digital pressure gauges are designed to provide accurate, reliable readings in a variety of applications, including vacuum, gauge, and absolute pressures. With features like data logging, 4-20 mA outputs, dual alarms, and min/max readings, our digital pressure gauges are perfect for any application where accuracy is critical.
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