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Thermomètres en verre

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12" & 6" General Purpose Red Liquid Indicating Thermometers

12" and 5" red liquid indicating glass bulb thermometers are ideal for general lab and education use. Celsius, Fahrenheit or dual scales available.

Calibrated NIST DAkkS Traceable Liquid In Glass Thermometers

Serialized thermometers at various lengths and immersion depths. Comes with detailed calibration report done by a third-party. Great for use in quality control.

14", 12" and 7.9" General Red Organic Liquid Thermometers

General use thermometers with various immersion depths at 14", 12" and 7.9" lengths. Great for use in laboratories and various industries.

Verification PFA Coated Liquid in Glass Thermometers

Verification Thermometers used in sample temperatures in freezers, incubators and ovens. NIST and DAkkS traceable. Stem lengths range from 4.9" to 7.5".

ASTM Like Quality Control Liquid in Glass Thermometers

Serialized thermometers that approximate ASTM requirement for quality control environments. Various lengths, immersion depths and temperature ranges are available.

14", 12" and 7.9" PFA Coated Liquid in Glass Thermometers

PFA coated thermometers will ensure the glass and liquid will be contained in case of an accident. Individually calibrated and serialized with NIST traceability.

Thermomètres en verre

Ideal for use laboratories, food & beverage and petrochemical. Choose from various stem lengths and standards including ANSI, ASTM, NIST and DakkS. PFA safety coated and red liquid models available.
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