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Contrôleurs multiboucle

Omega Multi-Loop Controllers combine higly accurate and configurable multi-channel inputs with a comprehensive set of control modes and output features plus easy configration and setup.
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Contrôleurs de Température et Humidité

CNITH Series 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 DIN Humidity and Temperature Controllers offer full Autotune PID control with RH/Temperature probe included with two control outputs

810,00 C$

dans 3 semaines
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1/8 DIN 4-Zone & 7-Zone Temperature/Process Controllers with Ramp/Soak Capabili...

CN1504 Series controller offers 4 or 7 Channels with 7 segment Ramp and Soak program for each channel with temperature and process input models with On/Off or PID control.

800,00 C$

dans 5 jours
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1/32 DIN Dual Zone Temperature Controller with Fuzzy Logic

CN79000 Series 1/32 DIN Dual Zone Temperature Controllers with Autotune, Fuzzy Logic, Illuminated Keypad, optional RS485 and free software can control 2 separate processes

520,00 C$

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1/4 DIN 6 Zone Universal Input Autotune Ramp & Soak Controller

CN616A 1/4 DIN 6 Zone Universal Controller offers Autotune with independent programming for each zone with ramp & soak, 2 alarm relays, RS232/RS485 and free software

995,00 C$

dans 2 semaines
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