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Blocs de jonction et Cosses

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Thermocouple DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, Narrow 10.7 mm Width

DRTB-2 Series thermocouple terminal blocks, manufactured with thermocouple-grade alloys guarantee accurate readings, SMP-compatible female miniature thermocouple connector.

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks Type K, J, E, T, R

Thermocouple terminal blocks are offered in Type K, J, T, E and R/S. The terminal block contacts are made with thermocouple-grade calibration alloys.

Ground Terminal Blocks, 8 kV, 8.2mm Width, Green/Yellow

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal, range of accessories, operating temperatures up to 125°C, Polyamide 6.6 housings.

Barrier Strips, Thermocouple Spade Lugs and Terminal Lugs

Barrier Strips, Thermocouple Spade Lugs and Terminal Lugs, Complete with Color-Coded Calibration Type Terminal Lugs Installed, Accepts Wire from 24 AWG to 16 AWG

Terminal Blocks for Connection Heads, Ceramic or Bakelite

CH-TERMINAL-BLOCKS, Terminal Blocks for OMEGA Connection Heads, for Single and Duplex Elements, in Ceramic or Bakelite, and a wide variety of fittings

DIN Rails, 35x7.5 mm & 35x15 mm, Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths

DRTB-Rails enhances capabilities, accepted throughout the world, allowing the mounting a variety of control components, devices & terminal blocks

AVK Series Feed Through DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks

AVK Series Feed Through Terminal Blocks offer savings cost, space and time, mount on standard 35 x 15mm and 35 x 7.5 mm DIN rails & are design to meet world wire standards.

Sensor & Multi-Level DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Screw Connection.

PIK-4N terminal blocks allows 2 level feed through connections, the PIK-4NK has an internal connecting bridge for common feeds that allow for one-in & three-out connections.

Insulation Displacement Connection Ground Terminal Blocks

XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with accessories, Marking, bridging & testing accessories are standardized across the different clamping technologies.

DIN Rail Fuse Terminal Blocks for 5x20mm Fuse, Single Circuit

Fuse terminal blocks provide a convenient way to add fuses to your DIN rail wire panels. The fuse blocks accept 5 x 20 mm fuses and are rated up to 300V and 15A.

8.2 mm (0.32in) Width, Feedthrough Terminal Block

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories, 8.2mm Width, 10mm Insulation Strip Length, 600Vac/50A.

Circuit Breakers for Branch Circuit Protection

The UL 489 Series miniature molded case circuit breakers are DIN rail mountable and provide feeder and branch circuit protection per UL 489, 17.5 mm (0.69") Width per Pole.

Round Terminal Blocks, -29 to 220°C Temperature Rating

OMEGA's color-coded CH series terminal blocks are designed to fit metal-sheathed cable or probes between 1.5 and 6 mm (1/16 and 1/4") in diameter.

Disconnect & Fuse Screw Connect DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks

The ASK disconnect or fuse terminal blocks allow a circuit to be 'opened' without disconnecting the wire from the screw connections, will hold 5 x 20 mm or 5 x 25 mm fuses.

Insulation Displacement Connection Terminal Blocks

Superior design of the Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technology terminal blocks reduces wiring installation time & labor, especially in high-volume applications.

DIN Rail Mount Circuit Breakers, 17.5 mm (0.69") Width per Pole

R Series UL1077 supplementary protectors are made to trip faster than a standard UL489 circuit breaker, therefore providing additional protection for specific devices

Screw Connection Multi-Conductor Terminal Blocks

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories, 6.2mm Width, 150Vac/30A, Wide 4-wire muti-conductor TB.

Feed Through & Ground Terminal Blocks, 600V Rated,

YBK Series feed through terminal blocks are tension clamp connection style and are DIN rail mounted, 600V Rated, UL 94 V2 Polyamide 6.6 750/600V up to 63A.

Fils thermocouple tungst�ne-rh�nium de petit diam�tre

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories, operating temperatures up to 125°C, made of Polyamide 6.6.

Double and Triple Level Feed-through or Sensor Terminal Blocks

The XBUTT double-level terminal blocks reduce space requirements by 50% over single-level terminal blocks. These terminal blocks are suitable for 2-wire RTD connections.

Blocs de jonction et Cosses

Wide variety to complete your connection with DIN rail mountable, round terminals, relays, fuse terminals, screw connections and double to triple level feed throughs.
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